Ciara Documented Russell Wilson’s Wisdom Teeth Surgery and the Result Is Hilarious

There are just some loses even Russell Wilson can’t prevent. Take, for instance, his wisdom teeth. 
The NFL quarterback shared the aftermath of his surgery in a hilarious Instagram Story May 2. In the short clip, recorded by wife Ciara, you can hear her slightly giggle as Russell desperately tries to talk and points to his mouth. “Oh my god,” Ciara gasped. “This is ridiculous.”

Actually, Russell had a different word for the experience. “Numbing…Just woke up from anesthesia,” he captioned the video, which showed him looking dapper as ever in a velour sweatsuit and aviator sunglasses. “4 wisdom teeth gone!” 

Of course, there was more, um, entertainment to be captured. In a second video, Russell is seen trying his hardest to communicate what he was feeling, but he just couldn’t get his words out clearly. As he wrote in the caption, “Myyy lippps hurrrttt.”

Russell isn’t the only star to share a hilarious experience of what happens post-dental work.

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