Elisabeth Moss Promises The Handmaid’s Tale Fans Will Get “What They’ve Been Waiting For”

Moss even is stepping into the directors’ chair this season. What originally was planned as Moss’ directorial debut with just one episode quickly turned into three due to the COVID-19 pandemic scheduling changes. 

“I chose episode three that was going to be my directorial debut, before COVID, and started [filming] it,” Moss told Jimmy Fallon on April 21’s The Tonight Show. “Then, we shut down for the six months, and then all of a sudden, I did that episode, I did two more—I did episodes eight and nine. Because nobody else was there a lot of the time, the directors. If a director finished their work and left, and they didn’t want to come back and quarantine for two weeks, somebody had to direct it.”

So what else can Moss and Bledel promise Handmaid fans? Check out the exclusive clip above for more juicy teasers!

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