Eva Mendes Recalls Thinking Her Face Looked “Weird” in Message on Insecurities

Eva Mendes is opening up about insecurities.

In a post shared to Instagram on May 6, the 47-year-old actress revisited a photo of herself from almost two decades ago. The picture of Mendes appeared to be a shot from the movie Once Upon a Time in Mexico, which was released in 2003.

“I remember seeing this photo back then and thinking my face looked ‘weird’ and that my bone structure was odd …yadda yadda…you know all those insecurities that a 26-year-old can have,” the star wrote. “Meanwhile 20 years later and now I wish I still had that ‘weird’ face and odd ‘bone structure.'”

So, what can her 2.4 million followers learn from her Throwback Thursday post? “I’m not sure,” Mendes admitted. “Maybe it’s if you hate a photo of yourself wait 20 years then you’ll love it.”

Concluding with a quote she attributed to Oscar Wilde, Mendes then wrote, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

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