Family-meal image wins international food photo contest

A photo of a young family joyfully preparing a meal at home in China has won a major food photography award.

Li Huaifeng has been named Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021 for an image titled Taste, taken in Licheng, Shanxi.

Family preparing food indoors, with rays of sunlight shining through the windowsimage copyrightLi Huaifeng

“This picture is technically outstanding in its use of light and composition,” awards founder and director Caroline Kenyon says.

“But what raises it to the level of historic importance is the depth of its storytelling and emotion.

“It tells of a year of isolation and living indoors, living in tiny communities of immediate family.

“Here, the scene is bathed with love, with echoes of Madonna and Child.

“An exceptional shot which perfectly demonstrates that photography need not shock or disturb to be great or memorable.

“This exquisite image lingers in the mind,”

With the competition now in its 10th year, judges sifted through almost 10,500 entries from more than 70 countries around the world and the winners announced online via a livestream event.

Here are some of the competition category winners, with descriptions by the photographers.

Bring Home the Harvest: Drying Okra, by F Dilek Uyar, Turkey

Two women with chickens, sat outdoors under a wooden shelter and surrounded by yellow okraimage copyrightF Dilek Uyar
image caption“Drying okra flowers in Tokat, Turkey. Women pick okra flowers from the field and arrange them on a rope, then the dried flowers fall and the okra becomes ready to be used in winter.”

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer: Many a Slip, by John Armstrong-Millar, France

A man and woman cutting a wedding cake that has sparklers on topimage copyrightJohn Armstrong-Millar
image caption“Normally, weddings run to plan – but it’s really fun to capture the moments where things go a little off script.”

Food Stylist Award: Winteropulenz, by Martin Grünewald, Germany

Variety of vegetablesimage copyrightMartin Grünewald / Frank Weinert
image caption“Winter opulence – sumptuous still life of winter vegetables and fruit.”

Fujifilm Award for Innovation: Making Rice Noodles, by Abdul Momin, Bangladesh

Man reaching up to rice noodles that are hanging above himimage copyrightAbdul Momin
image caption“A worker is inspecting [whether] rice noodles [were] dried rightly or not.”

Pink Lady Apple a Day: Apple in Cake, by Natalia Bogubowicz, Poland

Slices of apple in a cakeimage copyrightNatalia Bogubowicz
image caption“Baked apples in cross-section.”
1px transparent line

Street Food: Enjoying, by Viet Van Tran, Vietnam

A woman serves food to a group of young women, sitting outdoorsimage copyrightViet Van Tran
image caption“Four young girls were passionately eating sweet soup, [which] made me feel that life is lovely even though we are all living in a pandemic.”

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Mulled Pears, by Harriet Harcourt, Australia

Mulled pearsimage copyrightHarriet Harcourt
image caption“Pouring the spiced wine syrup over the poached pears before serving.”
1px transparent line

Student Food Photographer of the Year, supported by The Royal Photographic Society: Beetroots Still Life, by Sarah Blandford, UK

Beetroots in a pan on white fabricimage copyrightSarah Blandford
image caption“Homegrown beetroots in a copper pan, ready for cooking.”

Food Influencers: Lumière d’automne, by Deborah Trocchia, Italy

Pumpkinimage copyrightDeborah Trocchia
image caption“La reine du mois [queen of the month].”
1px transparent line

Winterbotham Darby Food for Sale: Street Vendor, by Joseph P Smith, Malta

Woman bags some food for a customer at an outdoor stallimage copyrightJoseph P Smith
image caption“A lady sells capers and other delicacies from her old pram on the streets of Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in Malta.”

World Food Programme Food for Life: Drinking from Garbage, by Md. Mahabub Hossain Khan, Bangladesh

Child surrounded by plastic bottlesimage copyrightMd Mahabub Hossain Khan
image caption“A little child drinking from a bottle.”

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