Gayle King Is Going to Be a Grandma and Her Announcement Is Pure Joy

You can practically feel the joy radiating off the soon-to-be grandma through the screen.

During the April 28 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Gayle King brought some good news with her that she couldn’t wait to share—with her daughter, Kirby Bumpus‘s permission, of course.  

“Ellen I have to tell you this,” Gayle told host Ellen DeGeneres. “Right before I came on the air, I said, ‘Kirby, you know, I’m doing Ellen today, can I tell Ellen?’ Ellen, she’s pregnant. She is pregnant!”

Gayle, still reveling in the happy news, continued, “We haven’t told anybody because I’ve been sworn to secrecy but she’s told all of her friends this past weekend. So, she said I could tell you. I’m gonna be a grandmother and I can’t wait!”

Of course, now that Kirby and husband, Virgil Miller, are expecting their first child, the CBS This Morning host—she shares Kirby with ex William Bumpus—is eager to brainstorm baby names. “I’ve been keeping a list of baby names,” she said. “At the time, this was even before she got married.”

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