Jessica Simpson Recalls the Exact Moment She Decided to Throw Out Her Scale for Good

Jessica Simpson wants women of all ages to know you are more than a number on the scale.

Following the success of her best-selling memoir Open Book, the mother of three teamed up with Amazon Original Stories to release an original essay titled Take the Lead.

Available for free to Prime Members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the personal writing project explores Jessica’s public journey with her weight and why she ultimately decided to throw out her scale. 

Three weeks before welcoming her now 2-year-old daughter Birdie, Jessica recalled stepping on the scale and discovering she “weighed more than my husband [Eric Johnson], a six-foot-three former tight end in the NFL.” The singer and actress said she sat on the tub and burst into tears.

“Here I was, creating life, this miracle baby that we didn’t expect but welcomed because we knew she was exactly who we needed to complete our family,” she wrote. “My heart literally beat for hers. I looked down at my belly, which was all I could see back then anyway, then over to the scale. ‘This,’ I said aloud, ‘is not right.'”

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