Lala Kent Details the “Exorcism”-Like Health Scare She Had While in Labor

Randall was reassuring Lala that everything would be fine when he saw her eyes roll back. “I’m making a joke of this now, but I am telling you, I was going to have a heart attack and hit the f–king floor,” Randall admits. “I said to the nurse, ‘Ma’m, there’s something wrong.’ Because you see your best friend and your partner, eyes going back into their head, it’s horrifying. I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve been with her five years.”

According to Randall, even the nurses were alarmed before calling in the doctor. “There were tears in my eyes,” Randall confesses. “True story, I called her mother and then I called my mother on a three-way call [to tell them what happened]…It was a really harsh moment for me.” 

Thankfully Lala woke up and knew where she was (“at Cedars, I’m having my baby today!” she recalled upon regaining consciousness) and all was well with baby Ocean’s delivery. Lala is thankful to have found her “soulmate” in daughter Ocean.

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