Married to Medicine’s Latest Explosive Fight Is Over…Emojis

“Married to Medicine’s” Dr. Jackie on Her Marriage

What’s the emoji for awkward again? 

In this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s Married to Medicine, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Quad Webb go head-to-head over an emoji misunderstanding. Who knew there was such a thing? 

“Honestly it was very innocent,” Quad starts. “I literally thought you was calling me smelly or stinky because on my phone, Androids—in terms of the emojis—read different on iPhones and on Androids.” 

Turns out Dr. Heavenly sent a hand-over-mouth emoji, which Quad received as a hand-over-nose face, and let’s just say she took it personally. “I went negative because I felt as my friend you don’t go out there and say those things,” she continues.

After Dr. Heavenly re-enacts the different text message emojis in a confessional, she tells Quad that she’s “hurt more so than mad” at the accusation.

“I’m trying to tell you what affected me,” Quad pleads. And then all hell breaks loose.

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