Ranking Netflix’s Wedding Shows From Least to Most Helpful

Wedding planning isn’t the fairytale it’s cracked up to be.

For many brides and grooms, the months leading up to a wedding are pretty daunting. Why? Well, there are dresses to buy, venues to rent, guest lists to create and so much more. Thankfully, reality TV has given brides, grooms and everyone in-between an inside look into the wedding industry.

So, when Netflix threw its hat into the ring by releasing several nuptial-centric shows, we were ready to devour them all. Yet, as we watched everything from Extreme Engagement to Marriage or Mortgage, we realized that some shows were more helpful than others. While we were obsessed with Love Is Blind when it first dropped, we can’t say it’s a realistic portrayal of an everyday marriage. On the other hand, Extreme Engagement may’ve had a wild plot but, it’s core themes about communication and dedication struck a chord.

And that’s just a taste of how some feel about Netflix’s wedding shows!

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