Relive April and Jackson’s Roller Coaster Grey’s Anatomy Romance Ahead of Their Reunion

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Sarah Drew Teases Dr. April Kepner’s Return

It had honestly been a while since we thought about April Kepner and Jackson Avery. 

They were once one of the more frustrating and heartbreaking couples at the center of Grey’s Anatomy, but they’ve now moved on. April (Sarah Drew) is fully married to someone else and Jackson (Jesse Williams) has been in and out of several relationships since then, but as soon as it was announced that Drew would be returning to Grey’s for a little Japril reunion, it all came flooding back. How could we have forgotten all that heartbreak? The longing? The devastation? Before we actually see what Drew calls a “beautiful” episode, let’s take a walk back down memory lane to remind ourselves of all the ups and downs this couple put us through. 

Jackson and April made their Grey’s Anatomy debuts back in season six, when they were residents at Mercy West Hospital. Seattle Grace (as Grey Sloan Memorial was then known) and Mercy West eventually merged, and Jackson and April became permanent fixtures. (April got fired for a minute, but she soon returned.) They became fast friends, and then more…

Up-ish: April flirted with Alex (Justin Chambers) for a bit, but an awkward almost-sexual encounter went horribly wrong and led to Jackson beating Alex up. 

Up: After many episodes of tension, Jackson and April started having sex right before their all-important board exams…

Down: …Which was a whole thing because April had been a virgin and planned to not have sex until marriage. She freaked out, failed the test, and things went south for the not-yet-a couple because of a whole lot of misplaced guilt. 

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