Sachin Tendulkar Donates Rs 1 Crore To “Mission Oxygen” For Hospitals

Former India captain Sachin Tendulkar took to social media to announce a donation to “Mission Oxygen” to “raise funds for importing oxygen concentrators and donating them to hospitals across the country.” Tendulkar posted on social media to share the news of his contribution to the cause and urged citizens to “stand together” in the fight against Covid-19 as a deadly second wave of infections has ravaged the country. Earlier this month, Tendulkar had urged Indian citizens to donate blood plasma for Covid-19 patients. He had innaugurated a plasma donation centre last year, he said in a video posted on April 24, his 48th birthday, and asked people to donate to the plasma bank.

The “Mission Oxygen” group tweeted to acknowledge Tendulkar’s contribution of Rs 1 crore.

Blood plasma of those who have recovered from Covid-19 is used in the treatment of active Covid-19 patients.

A deadly second wave of the virus hit India in early April and cases have surged to more than 300,000 a day by the end of the month.

The record surge has left India’s healthcare system overwhelmed and patients and their relatives have been seen scampering for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and blood plasma among other essentials all over the country.

Tendulkar, who finished his playing career as the leading scorer in Tests and ODIs, had also tested positive for Covid-19 last month.

He was hospitalised as a mesure of precaution and subsequently recovered this month.


“If plasma can be given at the right time, patients can recover faster,” Tendulkar had said on April 24, recalling what the doctors told him when he had been recuperating from Covid-19.

“I will donate (blood plasma) when permissible. I have spoken with the doctors. Those of you who have recovered from Covid-19 can speak with the doctors, and when permissible please donate your blood,” he said.

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