Sarah Drew Clarifies What Grey’s Anatomy’s Japril Reunion Is All About

“Grey’s Anatomy”: Sarah Drew Teases Dr. April Kepner’s Return

No, Jackson Avery did not drive 11 hours to see April, despite how Grey’s Anatomy made it seem.

The promo for the next episode of the ABC hit confused fans a bit when it aired last week, since we last saw Jackson (Jesse Williams) plotting an 11-hour drive, only to then see him arrive at the house of his ex-wife and the mother of his child, April Kepner (Sarah Drew). An episode description did help clear up the issue just a little bit, explaining that Jackson first goes to see his dad (in Montana, 11 hours away), which “sets him on the right path.” 

Now, Drew is clearing up that confusion even further. 

“April’s been living in Seattle this whole time,” she explained in an interview with E! News. “They’ve been co-parenting with Harriet, so they probably do a hand-off twice a week. They have a very healthy co-parenting relationship and have for the past three years.” 

So whatever Jackson is heading to April’s house to say, it’s something he hasn’t said during all those many times he’s seen her since she married Matthew (Justin Bruening) and left to help Seattle’s homeless population. 

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