See Harry Styles and Emma Corrin Share a Passionate Kiss While Filming My Policeman

Is this movie out in theaters yet?! 

That’s what many pop culture fans are asking themselves after Harry Styles and Emma Corrin were spotted hard at work filming the upcoming film, My Policeman.

In photos obtained by E! News, the “Golden” singer shared a passionate kiss on the lips with his co-star as cameras rolled in the U.K. Soon after, Harry was photographed wrapping his arm around Emma as they walked through the set.

The former One Direction member sported a dark jacket and pants while Emma opted for a drab coat. And for those who think the fashion looks a little retro, the movie takes place in the late 1990s.

Before any and all romance rumors start, we want to make it clear that they are simply filming a movie. In other words, this is all professional and Harry’s girlfriend and fellow actress Olivia Wilde has nothing to worry about.

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