Seth Rogen Reveals His Most Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters in Yearbook

According to Seth, he and Kanye have the “longest and weirdest” friendship in Hollywood. He writes that he first met the rapper in 2004, when Kanye jogged by his house and yelled, ‘You’re a funny motherf–ker.'”

A few months later, Kanye showed up at his door and asked Seth’s wife, Lauren Miller, if Seth wanted to come outside and play basketball. Seth recalls how Kanye introduced himself to Lauren as Kanye East, before Seth came over and admitted he was “too hungover” to play a round of b-ball. 

Then, there was the time Kanye told Seth that the infamous “Bound 2” music video was supposed to be “stupid and bad.” Their conversation then led to Lauren and Seth climbing into Kanye’s Sprinter van, where he gave them a private performance for two and a half hours. Seth says, “It was quite incredible.”

All in all, Seth admires Kanye. He writes, “I don’t have any insight into Kanye and his current state of being or mindset other than to say I really love his music and my interactions with him have been lovely.”

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