Siesta Key Cast Defends Madisson and Ish’s 20-Year Age Gap After Their Engagement

For once and for all, age is only a number on Siesta Key!

When it comes to 27-year-old Madisson Hausburg‘s relationship with Ish Soto, 47, some viewers can’t seem to get past the couple’s 20-year age difference. Even after the reality star revealed on the season three reunion that she was engaged to her former producer, the critics couldn’t stop asking questions.

But as a brand-new season kicks off Wednesday, May 12, Madisson continues to have the support of her co-stars who make it clear that this love story is worth celebrating. 

“I just wish that people would be more open minded to it,” Kelsey Owens exclusively shared with E! News. “Right off the bat, everyone was very judgmental and didn’t give Madisson a chance to explain everything and didn’t get to know Ish for what he is. Overtime, I’ve seen them one on one and the way he loves her is amazing. It’s 100 percent real and I love seeing how happy she is.”

If you ask co-star Juliette Porter, Madisson shouldn’t have to spend any of her time responding to the critics. Instead, there is a wedding to plan and a promising future to look forward to.

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