Trust Us, You Have to See Inside Miley Cyrus’ One-of-a-Kind Rock and Roll California Home

“My biggest thing is that when you walk into someone’s house,” Tish Cyrus told Architectural Digest, “I want you to know who lives there.”

Well, mission accomplished, Tish. Less than a year after her world-famous daughter Miley Cyrus bought her latest 6,800-square-foot California oasis, the “Midnight Sky” singer has opened her doors to fans courtesy of an exclusive feature. While Tish is not a professionally-trained interior designer, one look at the 28-year-old’s glamorous rock and roll-esque home—the result of Tish and her design partner Mat Sanders‘ efforts—would have you assuming otherwise. 

And you’ll likely need some time to properly digest everything going on within Miley’s walls. Much like the artist herself, the home is a wonderland of eye-catching detail, from the Gucci wallpaper in one of her bathrooms and the Debbie Harry portrait hanging above her ’80s-style bed to the psychedelic painted studio ceiling and tub so large it had to be carried in by crane through a window. 

Her colorful glam-room lounge, pictured below, is among the most deliciously elaborate, serving simultaneously as a showcase of sorts for Miley’s many prized possessions.

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