You’ve Got to See Justin Theroux’s Reaction to Comment About His “Unfrivolous Jaw”

While we’re sure Justin Theroux has heard many compliments when it comes to his looks—it’s safe to say this one is very unique.
During an appearance on the April 28 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Leftovers actor couldn’t help but laugh as host Jimmy Kimmel read the compliment aloud from the first paragraph in his recent interview with Esquire.
For reference, the full sentence that appears in the interview states that Justin has, “A russet beard covers his unfrivolous jaw.”
After hearing the compliment, a bashful Justin chuckled, “What does that even mean?” To which Jimmy replied, “I’ve always said there’s no frivolity about your jaw whatsoever. It’s very serious.”
The Girl on the Train actor also covered the May issue in the most epic way imaginable—shirtless. And as if that wasn’t enough, the star is also cradling his dog, Kuma, who he rescued in 2018, in the cover photo. The pit-bull mix looked right at home next to his companion in the must-see shot.

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